Unfortunately the Dogs will not be run in 2023

Photo credit: Daniel Colebrook

Milton Show dog competitions celebrate skills and variety. On Saturday we feature dogs that you see every day and also some very rare canines. Dogs are placed into these groups:

Toys, Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working dogs, Utility, Non-Sporting

Puppies from 3 months of age can start their showing careers.

Our Expert Judges know what to look for in a great dog such as:

How well its skeleton is put together, The condition of its coat, A good scissor bite, Its fitness, Good pads on its paws.

Agility jumping trial

Our Agility and Jumping Trials are both great spectator events and fun sporting competition for dog and human competitors. We have had all breeds of dogs participating in our previous trials. The trials are open to anyone who has had experience in dog agility. Be amazed as dogs leap over jumps, navigate tunnels, complete a dog walk, scramble, and jump through a tyre. And they must do all of that without error and against the clock. The course, set up by the judge, is adjusted to the appropriate height based on the dog’s size.

Important dates and details:

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