Unfortunately the Cats will not be run in 2024

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All local owners of beloved companion cats and pure breeds can enter our cat show.
Bring your much loved cat to the Show for a chance for it to appear alongside exalted feline company.

At Show Level we offer 2 Special Classes:
Junior Handlers – Learn how to handle, care for cats and present cats for show, how to judge and so much more.
Local Cats – A class for all cats who live in the local region.

If you want to step it up a notch you can enter in the Australian National Cats Inc. Cat Show Classes:
Entries are taken through ANCATS, entries close earlier than Show classes, details are below in the Schedule.

Here are some tips for first-time entrants:

Your cat must have had all the required vaccinations (and you must provide proof confirming these vaccinations)

Your cat should be healthy

It must be neither fat nor thin

Its coat should be shining and free of tangles

Your cat must be completely socialised, with a good-enough temperament to be judged and handled with ease

Your cat must be happy to be at the show

More information can be found on the Australian National Cats website.


Important dates and details:

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