Woodchopping is Australia’s own sport. The first recorded event took place in Ulverstone, Tasmania when two men in a bar challenged each other. Milton Show’s woodchopping events draw competitors from interstate as well as overseas. Competitors from New Zealand and the USA have participated in this amazing sport.

This competitive section features all aspects of the skillful sport of woodchopping: Underhand, Standing Block, Tree and Butcher’s Block, and the Sawing classes include a Doublehanded Handsaw Race and a Chainsaw Race.

For spectators, Milton Show’s woodchopping events are held in a beautiful, intimate country arena. Traditionally the events are handicapped, which means there is certain to be an exciting finish.

Entries :

All Entries to Julie Reumer: jreumer@bigpond.com.au or phone: 02 48894508
Entries close Saturday 22nd February 2020

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