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Opportunities for stall holders and vendors

Milton Show Society welcomes interested stall holder, food / beverage van vendors and amusement rides / games vendors to apply to trade at the Milton Show 
  • Inside: $35 per meter 
  • Outside: $35 per meter
  • Power: $12
  • Food catering van: $400

Public risk insurance

A minimum of 20,000,000 cover is mandatory for all stall holders and mechanical amusements. A legible certificate of currency is required, and must be attached to the exhibitor application form. 

Small Exhibtors without an ABN and with a turnover of less than $10,000 per annum. Maybe eligible for public Risk Insurance cover under Milton Show Society's Public Risk extension policy. A premium two days, costing $50.00, is payable in advance.

Special Note For Exhibitors 

All Exhibitors, Entertainers, Side Show and Ride Operators, Shall Holders and Vendors agree to conform to the Work Health Safety Act of 2011. a copy of which is available at the Show Secretary's office. Or you can view the act online here

Vendors are not allowed to walk around the grounds selling goods without express permission in writing from the Show Secretary. 

Exhibitors wristbands will not be Forwarded to late applicants. Gate entry fee to be paid.

The Ground Committee Chief Steward reserves the right to reallocate sites not occupied by 9:30am on show days 

Important Notice about electrical equipment safety compliance 

Any exhibitors intending to bring electrical equipment to the Showsgrounds will be required to ensure that such equipment is with earth leakage circuit breakers and all electrical leads. tools and applications have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. 

Doing so is essential for your safety and for the safety of your fellow exhibitors and the general public. It is also a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. The Act imposes very severe penalties in the event of noncompliance with its provisions 

Please check all your electrical equipment and leads before arriving at the Showground.

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