Arena Sorting

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Arena Sorting is not run at the Milton Show.
It is carried out on days during the year - to be advised.

To keep informed -

Check the "Milton Arena Sorting" Facebook group for up an coming events

Arena Sorting, what is the event:

Arena Sorting is one of Australia’s fastest growing Equestrian Sports. It is a fun sport whereby a team of 3 riders attempt to draft 10 head of cattle through a gate in numerical order. The cattle are drafted from a herd of 12 cattle in the arena.
The team who manages to get the most cattle through the gate in order, in the fastest time, wins. Teams are limited to a two minute time bracket for each run. The judge calls a start number as the first horse in the team crosses the start line then cattle are sorted in an upwards numerical order from there.
Arena sorting is a great sport for riders of every age and ability. It is also a wonderful event for spectators to enjoy with lots of fun, fast paced action throughout the event.
No previous cattle experience is required for competitors to join in the fun, it is a learn-as-you-go sport full of enjoyment, challenges and growth. Generous prizes are awarded to third place in each age group (Opens, Youths, Juniors).
The fun in the arena is only part of the joy that the event brings, the events are also host to new friendships being formed, campfire yarns and good old fashioned Country mateship throughout the weekend.

Motivation to attend:
Milton Arena Sorting encourage riders of all disciplines, abilities and ages to attend our events. As long as you can independently control your horse you are welcome to compete! All breeds of horses are welcomed and participants are guaranteed a fun, competitive, positive and amusing day!
The event is very entertaining for spectators who are encouraged to come along and grab a bite to eat then watch the action from the grandstand seating. Throughout the year some of the Arena Sorting events are held in conjunction with local Family Fun Days where amusement rides, market stalls and other attractions for the whole family are also offered.
Camping and (limited) yards are available at each event and the weekend events are a great opportunity to stay at the grounds. Campers can enjoy the beauty and fun of the exquisite Milton Showgrounds and township while immersing themselves in a fun, inclusive, laid back camping experience.
Milton Arena Sorting run ethical, safe, family friendly, encouraging, fun and competitive days for all! Previous events have seen amazing encouragement and sportsmanship from all competitors and spectators towards riders and a superb respect shown to all horses and cattle at all times.

Waivers are completed on the day of the event. 

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